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Mw2 Tips (Ground War)

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Mw2 Tips (Ground War) Empty Mw2 Tips (Ground War)

Post by II_HugxMyxKnife_II on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:12 pm

Remember that Ground War is just a larger teamdeathmatch. And Domination is a fast paced teamdeathmatch/ Capture the Flag.
1) Stay away from team- You may wanna avoid stayin with a group of people for abvious reasons. If one of you teamates kill someone and the dead guy sees him on the killcam, he will come back for revenge and may see you in the process. Also with predators you will seem less appealing if you are by yourself rather than in a crowd with multiple people.

2) Killstreaks- You would like to have killstreaks that are not that far apart, for team death match you may wnna go with a CarePackage, attack helicopter, and a Pave Low. If you dnt get many kills. If you are hardcor and want alot of kills you should look into a CarePackage, Pavelow, and a Chopper/AC130. Those are good you you are striving for high killstreaks. Idnt really care bout streaks so i go with CarePackage, Predator, and Attack helicopter.

3) Perks- Go with perks that fit your style of play, if you are not that accurate of a shooter and you end up wasting the entrire clip one one person, then you may wanna use scavenger, you get your ammo back and w/ the pro version you get extra mags. If you like to run around the entire map looking for opponents you may like Marahon etc... Just evaluate your style and run with YOUR perks.

4) Safe yet Popular spot- Go to a place (w/ claymores) and sit in an area that alot of people cross by but never seem to go there or pay attention to it. Once you killed about two people, you would want to change up your position and change your location because of the killcam. The point of team death match is to get a lot of kills.

The same rules apply for domination as they do for TeamDeathMatch the only difference is that you may wanna be quick and not be seen. If you wanna do this you can either go with a sub machine gun, ninja, Marathon, lightweight, semtex's etc....

~More tips coming if iThink of some~


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