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Post by IDONTEAT on Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:07 pm

need Mw2 hints,need tips on your favorite games well we have the site for u!
heres one of our Mw2 tips/hints,Ever wanted to be that guy? The one running around with only his knife, stabbing everyone he sees, and ending up with the round winning score? Well dream no more, this guide will teach you everything you ever needed to know about knifing, including class builds, tips and tactics, and even a video!

The Tactical Knife

The Tactical Knife is an attachment for handguns only. However, unlike conventional attachments, it is not a piece of equipment attached to the weapon. Instead, it is actually your character holding the knife in his left hand alongside with your pistol.

The USP .45 and M9 handguns require 75 kills to unlock the tactical knife, while the .44 Magnum Revolver and Desert Eagle require 100 kills.

"Kills with the tactical knife attachment will count towards the handgun's kills. This means knife kills will count towards unlocking the Extended Mags attachment (for USP .45 and M9) and finishing the rest of the challenges."

What this attachment does is speed up the player's melee attack by approximately twice as much. The stabbing attack occurs in slightly less time, but the biggest difference is the recovery time. Normally, without the Tactical Knife, using a melee attack leaves you vulnerable for about a second. The tactical knife reduces this to a fraction of a second.

It should be noted that you must be wielding the pistol to take advantage of the Tactical Knife, since it is an attachment. If you knife while wielding a weapon without the Tactical Knife, you will use a normal melee attack.

With the greatly improved knifing speed, this attachment serves as a great complement to handguns, which are normally used in close combat situations. It allows you to be prepared for enemies in extremely close quarters ranges, such as indoor areas.

What is not so obvious, and sometimes underestimated, is the ability to use the tactical knife as a weapon of choice rather than a secondary weapon. There are class builds that revolve around the tactical knife as your primary weapon, and surprisingly, can be just as effective as any other weapon available.

Weapon Choice
The primary weapon you use does matter, even if they are never used to fire bullets. There are two things to keep in mind when choosing a primary weapon for a knifer class: Movement speed, and attachments.

The weapon that you have in your primary weapon slot will affect your movement speed. SMGs and Sniper Rifles have a movement speed of 100, Assault Rifles have 95, Machine Guns have 87.5, and Riot Shields have 80.

Obviously, for the purposes of knifing, you will want maximum speed, which leaves SMGs and sniper rifles as options. However, sniper rifles are highly recommended because they bring three additional advantages: Heartbeat Sensor attachment, Ghillie Suit outfit, and zoom capability.

Sniper Unlockables

In order to unlock Ghillie Suits, you must complete the "Ghillie in the Mist" challenges, located in Basic Training. They require 50, 100, and 200 one-shot-kills for the Arctic, Urban, and Desert versions respectively.

The Heartbeat Sensor can be unlocked by getting 15 kills with a Sniper Rifle using the Silencer attachment. The Silencer itself must be unlocked by getting 10 kills with a plain Sniper Rifle.

The Heartbeat Sensor can be very useful since it allows you to detect nearby enemies without line of sight. The Ghillie suit provides you with an extra camouflage edge on most maps. Lastly, the sniper rifle's zoom can be used to aid in spotting enemies or significant objects from a distance.

While the knife will be your primary weapon, it should be noted that it is up to you if you only want to kill by knifing. If you would like to use weapons as well, the Sniper Rifle can be of use by allowing you to take out distant targets. The SMG is not recommended since it is only effective at close quarters, which is where knifing also excels at.

As for your secondary weapon, it does not matter which handgun you use. Use the one you want to use, and pick the tactical knife as the attachment. However, it is wise to pick the handgun that you feel most comfortable with and is the most effective, since there is sometimes situations where you will be unable to knife someone and want to shoot them, for instance if you encounter someone in a long corridor/tunnel.

be sure to visit us and let us help u with u stratagies,"Want more tips? go to http://www.gaming-insane.com/
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